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Larry B.

Stacie was amazing, she contacted me out of the blue as I was not actively seeking a franchise at the time, and I was actually taking some time to relax after being laid off from a very lucrative corporate job. We spoke several times on the phone and she was very open about how everything worked with selection, compensation etc. We spent several weeks working with multiple vendor that “fit the profile” she created for me. During the process we whittled it down from 4 to the franchise I ultimately signed with. She helped through every step, providing advice, and resources. All in all, the experience was so much easier and more detailed than I could have hoped for. Stacie doesn’t just find franchises, she matches buyers with vendors on a level that goes beyond finances. I was matched on a much deeper level (you could call it emotional, but I’m not sappy like that) with a franchise who’s values matched with my own. I cannot recommend Stacie highly enough. I am seeing my life move to an independent track that I wasn’t really planning on at this stage in my life and I have discovered a new found energy that I thought I had lost. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Five stars THANK YOU Stacie Larry B. San Antonio, TX

Steve S

When I started the process of evaluating the potential of starting my own franchise business, I was not sure where the process would lead me. Stacie gave me immediate comfort that I was in the right hands. She took the time to get to know my personal and business desires. She led me through an assessment process to help ensure that opportunities presented would fit my capabilities, interests and financial goals. Simply stated – she used the right tools and took the time to get to know me to ensure that she would present opportunities that were right for me. While I ended up going another route with my career, I would highly recommend Stacie to anyone who is seriously considering the pursuit of a franchise business. Steve S Los Angeles

Jeff M

After moving away from a corporate job recently, I worked with Stacie to explore the possibility of owning my own franchise. In all honesty, I did not go in that direction but I must say Stacie was incredibly helpful, informative and had me strongly considering the franchise route. Even after I shared with her that it was a long shot, she took the time to meet with me, match perfect opportunities and put in a ton of time on my behalf. Although I’ve chosen to go in a different direction with my career, I would highly recommend working with Stacie if you’re considering the possibilities of owning your own business. Maybe, even if you’re not! Jeff M Highlands Ranch, CO

Echo G

Stacie reached out to me in response to my online inquiry into franchise opportunities. I was a bit nervous as I embarked upon this journey for the first time, but Stacie made me feel at ease from the beginning. She assisted me through the entire process of searching for, identifying, and signing with my first franchise. She was always available for questions and really took the time to make sure I was comfortable with each step of the process. Thank you, Stacie, for helping me make my dream of owning a business come true! Echo G. Purceville, VA

Chad and Alissa Gardner

You can expect a bespoke experience second to none when you choose a franchise consultation with Stacie Shannon with Fusion Franchise. The profile assessment was an intrical part in the decision making process for us when choosing to invest in a franchise. The results of the Zoracle profile assessment are clear and decisive and very helpful in deciphering which franchise opportunities aligned with our personality, goals, values, and timeframe. These results also helped us decide which route was best for us and our family. We feel like it helped us avoid mistakes in choosing the wrong franchise. It helped bring to light some situations and scenarios that we hadn’t yet thought of. Stacie is a seasoned professional in the sometimes tumultuous world of franchise sales and development. She had a passion for helping us make the best decision possible. Her advice was ripened with wisdom from the industry, and was invaluable in our franchise investment decision making process. We highly recommend Stacie Shannon and Fusion Franchise for all your franchising development and or franchise investment needs. Chad and Alissa Gardner Franchise Owners

Laura M.

Stacie is amazing. She worked as our franchise broker helping us navigate the franchise arena to which my daughter and I were foreign to. Her hard work and dedication helped us find the perfect franchisor to work with. SPENGA, who we contracted with, has a great outreach program, but without Stacie helping us navigate this process, I don’t think we would have gotten to contract as quickly as we did. She helped us stay on track, was always on top of where we were in the process, and was always available as a sounding board when needed. Our appreciation can’t be shout loudly enough. Great Franchise Broker! I am more than happy to give a more detailed reference should anyone want more details Laura M. Chicago, IL

Carin S.

Stacie is a skilled broker with superb communication skills. She’s very transparent and consistent in her communication and thoughtful in her strategic approach. Stacie is excellent at helping her candidates look at the big picture, overcome fear and feel confident in their decision making to move forward with a brand. Carin S. Franchise Fastlane