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Chad and Alissa Gardner

You can expect a bespoke experience second to none when you choose a franchise consultation with Stacie Shannon with Fusion Franchise.

The profile assessment was an intrical part in the decision making process for us when choosing to invest in a franchise. The results of the Zoracle profile assessment are clear and decisive and very helpful in deciphering which franchise opportunities aligned with our personality, goals, values, and timeframe.

These results also helped us decide which route was best for us and our family. We feel like it helped us avoid mistakes in choosing the wrong franchise. It helped bring to light some situations and scenarios that we hadn’t yet thought of.

Stacie is a seasoned professional in the sometimes tumultuous world of franchise sales and development. She had a passion for helping us make the best decision possible. Her advice was ripened with wisdom from the industry, and was invaluable in our franchise investment decision making process.

We highly recommend Stacie Shannon and Fusion Franchise for all your franchising development and or franchise investment needs.
Chad and Alissa Gardner Franchise Owners